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Visijax Backpack Cover

Quick Description
Stretch-fit for most mid-sized backpacks or rucksacks (15–40 litre capacity).
Manufacturer: Visijax


  • 11 Red LEDs on side and rear panels
  • Two-tone Hi-Vis Yellow and Black
  • Elasticated rim
  • Twin mesh pockets
  • Reflective strips
  • Secure toggle fasteners
  • Cover Pouch Protector
  • 12-months warranty

Technical Features


Integrated High Intensity LED Lights

Improved visibility enhances safety. The Visijax® Backpack Cover features incredibly bright embedded lights. Even the red 5-LED strip is visible from 400 metres away! A pair of red 3-LED strips are positioned on the black side panels – a greater chance of being seen by other road users.



The Backpack Cover utilises high-quality Nylon fabric that will keep your backpack or rucksack dry in typical conditions, rain or shine. Washable on a delicates setting at low temperature with a non-abrasive detergent, detach the battery first.


Rechargeable USB Battery

Powered by a lithium-ion battery offering over 20 hours of continual light at normal usage. There are three settings operated by touch-control– quick flash, slow flash and constant – plus a fourth mode: rapid-flash low-battery warning. Full charge is reached in approx. 4 hours. Recharging is via a USB–mini-USB cable (supplied), to your laptop or a USB-enabled plug (required).